Tuesday, January 8, 2013

DAYS 5, 6 AND 7 - "30 IN 30"

Yep, I'm behind on posting these paintings to my blog.  I have,
however, posted to the "30 In 30" site daily, so these three images are there:
"Fall Day, Santa Fe"
Oil on Linen     6"x8"
"Ready to Plant"
Oil on Canvas     6"x8"
DAY 7 (yesterday's painting-we're posting one day behind)
"Misty Morning"
Oil on Canvas     6"x8"
Lucie says she is bored with this challenge.......
she says she can't believe I'm doing that!  (Me either, Lucie.)
Stay tuned.........


Julie Ford Oliver said...

Glad to see you keeping up the challenge. They are all great paintings but I do have a favorite - the blue gate piece. I love an open door...makes me wonder what is beyond.

Linda Nickles said...

Very nice work! I love the bright colors in "Ready to Plant". Happy painting!

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