Thursday, January 17, 2013

DAY 14 - "30 IN 30"

I'm aware that I'm a day or two behind in posting this on my blog,
but I wanted to share something special with you.  It's only
about 4-5 minutes long.....but I believe you'll see that it was well worth
the investment in time.
Vocals by Andrea Bocelli, paintings by artist Calvin Liang
I am in awe of the beauty of this artist's work.  I planned at one time to take a workshop 
with him, but was unable to go.  This "30 in 30" has given me the opportunity
to study the beautiful subtle colors he uses in like values. 
Nope.....I'm definitely not there, but I really enjoyed viewing his painting and attempting to work within his color and value range(see below):
"Mission Conception - San Antonio" (study)
6"x8"    Not for Sale
The reason I selected this particular image to work with is because I attended the wedding of a family member here a few years ago.  They now have a beautiful baby boy.....Clark.
This one's for you, Clark!
Stay tuned..........


Carol Steinberg said...

Wow, that video was stunning. Can't see image of your painting, btw,

Kathleen said...

Thank you.....I just discovered the painting image was not visible. I plan to post it on the blog again today.

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