Thursday, August 30, 2012

I have a new website! In an effort to allow more creative time for painting, my online source is now exclusively Ostyn-Newman Design in Arizona. I have eliminated the process involved in updating my own website.

Ostyn-Newman is an Arizona interior design firm of tremendously talented (and very nice) people who encourage the use of local and regional art in their designs. To that end, originally for the benefit of their design clients, they developed their website to feature the work of a limited number of regional artists. As demonstrated in the few years of my successful relationship with them, they have given each large, complex project or small, straightforward sale their absolute best effort.

Please click here to take a look… both my work on their site, and at the site itself. You can also view my paintings under “ART” on the website, or Google my name and follow the link there. I value your opinion, so please let me know ( what you think about this change.

I continue to be represented by Cutter Gallery on El Paseo in Las Cruces, and in the Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe (by the Magic Pan) on Doniphan in El Paso.

Stay tuned.....more to come soon.