Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Turkey is History........

Except for the upcoming, this evening, traditional turkey vegetable soup, Turkey Day is history and we're moving on. 
The fall days here in New Mexico blend dramatic color, warm sunshine, and light that only happens this time of the year. 
This painting is of "Let's Paint New Mexico" Challenge #7 photo.....

"Coloring November"

6"x8"     Oil on Linen Panel

The painting below also represents the light of this time of the year....


"Desert Shadows"

11"x14"  Oil on Canvas
Contact the Design Firm, for information.

Lucie is really enjoying these Fall days here in New Mexico.....she displays an extra burst of energy during her walks.

Coming soon.......festival, dancers, pilgrimage, posole, tamales,.......

Stay tuned........



Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's All About Lucie.......

As our "little Lucie" was one of those featured in the "Critter Corner" column, page 3 in the "Life" section of Friday's (11/16/12) Las Cruces Sun-News, I feel it's appropriate to feature her in today's post.  She has indicated, however, that she is completely unimpressed with her new fame.
This portrait of Lucie hangs in the Cutter Gallery, and Sally Cutter will be happy to provide information on it.  You can see the painting in their beautiful facility ----
2640 El Paseo here in Las Cruces --- or contact Sally at 575-541-0658:
"Cat Nap"
Oil on Linen    11x14 (framed)

The image that appeared along with Lucie's story is:

And, in honor of today being "Lucie's Day", I'm including an image of her friend, Jazz......

We'll get back to business as usual on our next post.   Stay tuned........


Monday, November 5, 2012

Well, I've been killing alligators here, but am now back on track.
"Wildflowers at El Monte Sagrado"
6"x8"     Oil on Linen Panel

This is my version of Let's Paint New Mexico! Challenge #6. 
Here is the original photo for the Challenge:

El Monte Sagrado is a very beautiful, very luxurious resort and spa in
the charming mountain village of Taos, in Northern New Mexico.
Taos has a rich Native American heritage, and is also an artistic mecca
with many museums and galleries.

Lucie and I have been enjoying the gorgeous Fall days here in
Las Cruces with both morning and evening walks.'re not confused!  This is Lucie's version of a "walk".  As you can see, she "walks" with a harness and a leash......but doesn't require that anyone
be on the other end of the leash.  A very independent girl...that one!

Stay tuned.......