Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Turkey is History........

Except for the upcoming, this evening, traditional turkey vegetable soup, Turkey Day is history and we're moving on. 
The fall days here in New Mexico blend dramatic color, warm sunshine, and light that only happens this time of the year. 
This painting is of "Let's Paint New Mexico" Challenge #7 photo.....

"Coloring November"

6"x8"     Oil on Linen Panel

The painting below also represents the light of this time of the year....


"Desert Shadows"

11"x14"  Oil on Canvas
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Lucie is really enjoying these Fall days here in New Mexico.....she displays an extra burst of energy during her walks.

Coming soon.......festival, dancers, pilgrimage, posole, tamales,.......

Stay tuned........



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Julie Ford Oliver said...

Your Coloring New Mexico is lovely and I feel I can walk along the bank in and out of the shadows.
Desert Shadows has great colors too.

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