Thursday, January 24, 2013

DAYS 21 AND 22 - "30 IN 30"

You're invited to take a short morning walk with me......
I wanted to share this video with you, because it relates to my Day 21 and
Day 22 paintings........
Day 21
"Week in Venice"
Oil     8"x6"
I was greeted each morning by this view across the canal from my room
in Venice.  Venice very typically has some version of green in
their doors. 
Day 22
"Venice Green Door"
Oil     8"x6"
I seem to be in a door or courtyard rut here.  Time to move on
to another subject, although I love to paint unusual doors and windows. 
My perception is that they are easy, until I'm into the work.  As you can
see, this old door was far from simple, both for the makers, and me!
Stay tuned for "Day 23"........

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