Monday, February 4, 2013


I usually love challenges, but this past weekend has been a real techy challenge!
I now have my new website up and running, tho not complete yet.
I welcome critique, so please click here, come back
and let me know what you think.  The "Blog" button on the website
will bring you right back. 
For those who don't know, you can click on the title of today's blog....
in this case "MY NEW WEBSITE" on the email copy of the post you receive
in your inbox.  That will take you to the actual version of today's post, and you can 
add your comments in the space provided at the bottom. (I'm a "newby",
so it took me awhile to figure that out!) 
Can anyone out there tell me how to link my blogger blog to my Facebook Page???
So far, I've given up on that for now....too much time spent unsuccessfully.
Back to painting today....
Just to add a bit of color, this is a painting I did of Lucie in her favorite position!
Stay tuned (and let me hear from you).....

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