Friday, February 15, 2013


"Mesilla Morning"
Oil     6"x8"
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I've been posting a painting a day to my new Daily Paintworks Gallery,
including this one, which I painted today.  I'm hoping
to return to painting a small piece each day.  I think that exercise has given me
an opportunity to try some new things, work with other colors, and
do studies on some subjects on which I've been wanting to work
for awhile.
There have been some nice days recently, so Lucie and I can get
outside in the sunshine.  As long as Lucie can get out (that also translates to
"get her way"), she doesn't care how much time I spend in the studio!
Stay tuned........ 

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Scarlet Owl said...

Thanks for your nice note--I'm glad you enjoyed my post today! Love your cactus blossom and many congrats on doing the 30/30 challenge!! Also, you're lucky to have such a beautiful orange model. Happy painting!

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