Monday, July 22, 2013


"Canyon Road Address"
Oil on Panel    6"x8"
This was painted from a photo I took during a last-summer visit
to Santa Fe.
We had fabulous weather here last week!  One day we had an all-day
gentle rain, Saturday several soft showers, and even a nice rain last evening. 
Temperatures were in the low 80's all week......this while the
rest of the country was burning up.  We have such good weather
here in Las Cruces all during the year, and even on our seldom rainy days we 
enjoy beautiful white fluffy clouds against usually sunny, crisp New Mexico blue skies.
H.R.H. Lucie prefers to sleep on rainy days.  A walk outside in the rain
would muss her beautiful sleek hairdo. 
(Please don't tell her I showed this photo to you.......)

It's beginning to cloud over....another shower coming????
Stay tuned....... 

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