Friday, July 5, 2013


It's true that I haven't been here for a spell...too many irons in the fire,
and lots of family in and out. 
Lucie is absolutely correct in her philosophy of "doing what you
like best" (in her case that's sleeping), so it's back to
the easel for me (and a continuation of her favorite hobby, for her).
My painting post for today is Challenge #12 on the website,
"Let's Paint New Mexico".  I was saddened to learn that this site has been put 
temporarily (I hope) on hold.  Artist Dee Sanchez has done a great job with the
site but, like many of us, just has a shortage of time in her days.
"Market Zinnias"
Oil on Canvas Panel (unframed)
I hope to be able to show you some new (and we always hope) great work
in the next few days.   On my next post, I have a wonderful shrimp recipe
to share with you......Stay tuned.........
Kathleen (and H.R.H. Lucie)

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