Wednesday, September 4, 2013


"Beautiful Trinidad, Cuba"
8"x6"     Oil on Canvas Panel
This painting is my Day #2 piece......Monday, Labor Day.
Churches in Cuba are no longer allowed to serve religious purposes.
Many are now public government buildings, museums,
performance venues, etc. 
Trinidad is full of beautiful and charming buildings, very colorful, but many
are in disrepair. 
I have set aside my plan to do a painting a day in favor first of
completing a portrait I started a few weeks ago as a class assignment.....
one I had been inspired to do for some time.  This is Bill, deep-sea fishing in Hawaii.
Here is the start:

Yesterday I started to model the foreground shirt, and the boat behind
the figure (see below).  Today I hope to work on the face and hat, and I'll be able to show
that in my next post. 
Progress.......slow, but nevertheless, progress.

Lucie has decided to sleep thru this process..........
big help!
Stay tuned..........

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