Monday, October 8, 2012

Eric Wallis Workshop on the Mountain

Yesterday, I participated in a plein air workshop taught by Utah artist, Eric Wallis, and organized by local artist and friend, Julie Ford-Oliver (thank you, Julie).  Eric was in town for the opening of his new show at a local gallery.  The location was at the foothills of our beautiful Organ Mountains in a natural-area park called Dripping Springs.  The morning (8AM-eek) was crisp and the light flat, so the early morning demonstration painting done by Eric was beautifully soft with a minimum of value changes. 
Here is a photograph of Eric's subject and his completed painting. 
 Following the demonstration, Julie's husband Jim treated everyone to a delicious "burger" lunch cooked on the grill on the mountain.......(thank you, Jim).  Linda Hagen brought a surprise guest, but it didn't hang around for lunch. 
I'll be working to complete the painting I started yesterday afternoon, and will share it in another post.
Lucie is feeling totally left out....she didn't get to go yesterday.
Stay tuned........

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Julie Ford Oliver said...

I agree - it was a wonderful learning experience.

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